Xenon Blade – Survival Hack and Slash


Xenon Blade is an isometric hack and slash game, you are cyborg ninja fights hordes of futuristic robots that prevent you from progressing further. You are equipped with high-tech weapons which can be upgraded to ease your way through enemy waves.

In year 3030 the civilization of mankind evolved, money lost its value what really worth is the matrix keys these keys carry decades worth of knowledge but they are kept hidden at the top of fortified towers called sigma towers only government have the access to them your protagonist is a cyborg ninja your mission is to infiltrate the tower but be careful your mission won’t be easy this tower is armed to the teeth. 

  • Hack and slash 
  • Upgrade system 
  • Challenging game-play 
  • Strategic thinking 
  • Fast-paced combat 

The player is a cyborg ninja called Zen your goal is to progress further through the waves without dying, To defend yourself you are equipped with a deadly arsenal of high tech weapons which hacks through the enemy with a supersonic speed.


Player can choose between two types of attack heavy attack which is relatively slow but deal the highest damage while the light attack offer more speed but for the price of damage. The game punches the player for spamming attacks but also reward him for strategic thinking.  



Enemy Waves 

The waves is getting harder as you progress further it term of diversity of enemies and the quantity of them, each 10 wave the player will encounter a new boss. 

Xenon Blade – Play Now: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.chillmaze.xenonblade

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